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ROAD TO RECOVERY – ACL RECO – Athlete Interview

ROAD TO RECOVERY – CECILIA McINTOSH Sadly ACL ruptures in the knee are quite common in many sports especially in football, netball and soccer and are extremely prevalent in females. For the active population and especially sportspeople the best option is to have a knee re-construction which usually involves taking some of your hamstring or[…]

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Get in the Swing of Tennis Injury Prevention

The tennis excitement is starting to heat up! More than halfway through the Australian Open Grand Slam heading into the quarterfinals with only 8 competitors left in the draw the baseline excitement levels are certainly rising. The tennis buzz is infectious, whether you enjoy watching it on TV, from the front row of Rod Laver[…]

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Ultimate Guide to Run Technique and Running Drills

A good running technique is crucial in making your running more efficient and therefore improving your performance as well as helping to prevent injury. Depending on how many kilometres you complete you may well get away with minimal issues not having a perfect technique but if you are looking at increasing your kilometres I would[…]

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Benefits of Yoga and Avoiding Over-Training in Athletes.

Yoga has never been a regular part of my training regime. I’ve always prioritised fitness and strength based sessions for sport specific based training or Pilates due to my Physio background and Clinical Pilates Instructor experience. Whilst these components are important for an athlete yoga really does have a lot to offer the general active[…]

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The Good and Bad of Beach Running

As a semi-professional netballer I love to keep fit but like all, sometimes you start to lose motivation. Changing the type of training or location can be a great way of reigniting your fitness motivation levels and keeping you inspired.  The beach is a great location change for this giving a different type of surface[…]

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Ultimate Guide to Hydration – Part 2

The Why, How, & When of Electrolyte Replenishment Many recreational/semi-professional athletes are still using Powerade as their Sports drink of choice.  Let’s be honest it does taste good. But are you aware there is a more tailored sports drink to replenish your electrolytes without the crazy amount of calories?  I personally have never been a[…]

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