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Benefits of Yoga and Avoiding Over-Training in Athletes.

Yoga has never been a regular part of my training regime. I’ve always prioritised fitness and strength based sessions for sport specific based training or Pilates due to my Physio background and Clinical Pilates Instructor experience. Whilst these components are important for an athlete yoga really does have a lot to offer the general active[…]

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The Good and Bad of Beach Running

As a semi-professional netballer I love to keep fit but like all, sometimes you start to lose motivation. Changing the type of training or location can be a great way of reigniting your fitness motivation levels and keeping you inspired.  The beach is a great location change for this giving a different type of surface[…]

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Looking to increase your running kilometres but not get injured?

I recently was asked to write a blog on this topic for my Physiotherapy Clinic in Melbourne where I treat a lot of beginner runners and lots of runners pushing up into the half marathon and marathons.  The topic was based around how to increase your running from 5km to 15km but the majority of[…]

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Ultimate Guide for Ankle Sprains – Rehab, Return to Sport, Prevention

Most athletes at some point in their career have sprained their ankle playing sport. Some of us are unlucky and seem to do them multiple times. They can really interrupt a season and sometimes what you do in the first few days can be crucial in how quickly you are able to return. Likewise, once[…]

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Desk-based by day – Athlete by night? Great Upper Back Stretching Regime.

Are you desk-based all day either at work or studying and an athlete by night? Your posture from sitting all day could be killing your performance when competing. This weeks blog will focus on back mobility stretches that you can do to help prevent posture related pain with sitting all day, but also decrease your[…]

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Pre-Activation Exercises – Could You Improve Your Warm Up?

The smaller muscles of our body are often the muscles we forget about training when we hit the gym or go for a run. However, these muscles are the ones that help to stabilise our joints and help prevent injuries. Many of you might have heard about the deep core muscles that are very important in[…]

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