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My name is Julia Allan and I’m a female Sports Physiotherapist working across three different private clinics and then across elite sport with the Victorian Fury netball side, the Under 19 netball Victorian side and some work in soccer with Melbourne City Football Club.

Vic Under 17 Netball

Vic Under 17 Netball Side – 2015

I have a big background in sport myself having had a long history playing netball where I am still playing in the State League competition in Melbourne. I also had a long history playing tennis as a junior until I was 20 when I had to choose between Netball and Tennis as I couldn’t pursue the two at the same elite level.

I worked really hard throughout school as I always knew I wanted to study Physiotherapy and I started early volunteering in all sorts of sporting arena’s to help build my sports experience whilst I was studying at University. I always knew that I would love to put my physiotherapy knowledge into practice with sporting teams. However, I didn’t actual mind working in the hospital system either – especially post orthopedic surgery or in maternity hospitals helping women whilst they were pregnant or helping them return safely to their fit bodies afterwards. I guess in the end it is definitely my love of helping people that I love about my job.

Since finishing my physiotherapy studies I have worked across many different sporting arena’s having worked with Football teams (AFL), travelling to China with the All Star Australian Basketball Team and a lot with soccer and netball more recently.

I have also worked for touring musician’s and their dance crews as they often have sports type injuries from the high load of the dancing. Over the past few years this has included DRAKE and Justin Bieber.

Working with Biebers Dancers - Melbourne (2013)

Working with Biebers Dancers – Melbourne (2013)

I believe my knowledge of the body and sport could be of so much use to athletes varying from the elite athlete to the recreational athlete or “weekend warrior” as well as even benefiting the general public who are just trying to get fit and active.  It could be the difference between stopping your back pain during basketball on the weekend or preventing your body from failing you with injury before you can complete your “12 week fitness/body transformation”.  My knowledge not only comes from my University knowledge and clinical experience but also certainly my own elite sporting experiences and working directly in high level sporting environments.

My aim is to help my readers by giving recommendations on how to avoid injury and how best to recover from training sessions/competition so that you can get the best out of your body.  Sometimes it is the smallest tip that I may give someone during a consult that can change the way they train forever and really have an impact on managing or preventing a particular niggle or injury.  So I wanted to do this via a blog to help people the best way I can.

Of course it must be said that there is a limitation with how much I can help when I’m not seeing an athlete and assessing and teaching them individually. Therefore, the specificity will never be the same as a 1:1 physio appointment and should not replace seeing your local physio. However, I hope that my blog will be a good guide and give interesting ideas for my readers to think about in this area.

Victorian Under 17 Netball Physiotherapist – Nationals Sydney – 2015

 netball vic2
Aussie All Star Team Training – China 2014

gaze team photo


Victorian Men’s Netball Side Physiotherapist – Nationals Sydney (2015)

open mens funny 

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